PPBC School of Blues Band Sponsorship

One objective of PPBC’s School of Blues is to assist young musicians in following their musical passion. We seek to build a community of youth oriented bands that have an interest in Blues Music and its derivatives. Our focus is to aid in promoting performance opportunities for these bands.

Do you have a youth band? Are you just beginning or are you established and looking for more opportunities to perform? As a volunteer organization made up of veteran performing musicians, we can help you by: defining your sound, gear selection, honing your skills, finding musicians and gigs.

All you need is:

  • A band and a desire to represent the blues genre. (That’s a wide spectrum.)
  • Members between the ages of 12-18.
  • A parental contact.
  • A desire to perform and grow as musicians.

Please use the following link to complete the attached submission form and a member of the School of Blues will contact you to discuss the next steps.

We look forward to assisting your band in order to attain musical success and satisfaction.

Band Submission Form