October Blues News


We had a wonderful International Blues Competition this August. Everyone played really great, but as you know, there can only be one winner per category. This year's band winner is THE MOVERS & SHAKERS! You have heard them before and they just keep getting better. Blues with a great Funk/Soul vibe. The room will be hopping. The DUO winner is THE HUSTLE KINGS. This is not you normal blues duo. You need to come out and hear this!

We also had a YOUTH SHOWCASE competition and ALFONZO and the RED ARMY is going to be representing Pikes Peak Blues Community in the coming Memphis IBC. ALFONZO will not be at this showcase because they are playing somewhere else on the 11th of October.

Shout out to everyone who came to the IBC competition in August. We thank you for your support. Shout out to Stargazers for hosting the competition and our showcases. This is a fundraiser for the groups that we are sponsoring to help defray the costs of travel and lodging in Memphis this January.

Nov Showcase

Our next showcase in on November 8th. This year we are adding more local blues bands in our showcases. You all know Austin Johnson and his blues guitar awesomeness. He will be sharing the evening with the Soulcasters. If you like your blues with a little funk and old school R&B, this will be your ticket.

In December, we are going to repeat the HAM/YAM JAM. We had such a good turnout last year and the food was great. This is PPBC's party for our members. Just show your current membership card and your meal is FREE. If you don't have a membership, get one, or just pay $5! Easy! Our School of Blues Youth band will be playing a short set before the jam starts. Come out and enjoy the evening with other PPBC members.

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