School of Blues - Keeping the Blues Alive

School of Blues Director: BJ Estares

ION Cover

B to the 6th represented Grand County Blues Society at IBC this year in the Youth about it here!

Blue Star Denver Poster

B to the 6th will be opening for Walter Trout for Grand County Blues Society in their Blue Star Connection program on March 23,2019.


Congratulations to B to the 6th! Left to right, Corri Redinger, vocalist; Jack Loew, Bass; Josh Egbert, Guitar; A.J. Vacik, Drums; Paul Stepanek, Saxophone and Vocals. Spencer Stepanek, Piano (substituting for Julian Genova).


B to the 6th performing on the big stage at Stargazers during the PPBC Quarterly Jam.

The PPBC School of Blues is a non-profit, youth-artist development program sponsored by the Pikes Peak Blues Community with the mission, "Keeping the Blues Alive.” The School of Blues program has been created to provide opportunities for middle school and high school aged musicians to play with other students in a performance band format. Through a series of workshops led by professional blues musicians, School of Blues students will learn to perform a repertoire of blues music, along with learning the art of improvisation and solos. Workshops will focus on the methodology of rehearsals, techniques of jamming, on-stage communication, stage presence and performance, as well as the historical origins of the blues genre. Student bands will have multiple performance opportunities at PPBC jams, concerts, festivals and events in and around Colorado Springs.

The summer course includes six workshops in which the mentor will instruct the band in arranging and playing each of the chosen, six tunes. A seventh workshop will be used to build the songs into an effective stage show.  Local musicians have shown interest in providing additional instruction in the form of seminars for specific instruments and/or topics.

The PPBC will work with the bands’ coordinators to find venues in order to provide the experience of playing for live audiences and to build some “road time.”

School of Blues is a non-profit program that relies heavily on parent volunteerism in order to keep costs down.  Parents are encouraged to participate by volunteering at events, performances and fundraisers. Further questions can be emailed to the program’s directors at