July Blues News

Are we having fun yet?  Pikes Peak Blues Community would like to welcome our newest members and our renewed members to the Community. Please check out the membership benefits page here. We want to thank you and all of our members for your great support!

Paint the Town Blue

Paint the Town Blue has been a lot of fun this season. We have stayed at Thorndale Park as a lot of you requested. We have added the Wild Goose food truck to our event and we certainly want to thank them for their presence. It's great to listen to some great blues music and have some terrific BBQ. All Breed Dog Rescue has joined us this year, giving you the opportunity to check out some dogs in need of a good home.

We managed to get through the first three weeks of Paint the Town Blue without a rain storm, but last night we had to cancel. Don't worry, the West Side Rhythm Kings and B^6 (our new youth band) will be back at the end of the regular season to perform. We have three make-up dates scheduled at the end of our six-week season. Next week, Eric Boa and the Constrictors will be here. They are crowd favorite!

You know that our concerts are free, but we do circulate around the crowd for donations. These donations really help us bring you the best of the blues in the region. June 28th you donated a generous $550! This does not quite cover our expenses, but really helps us continue our programs. As a side note, we have been checking and there have been nearly 350 to 400 people attending our shows. We want to thank your very much.

35th Annual IBC 2019

Right now we have three bands and three single/duos signed up to participate in the IBC in August. The deadline for entry is July 15th, 2018. After that, we will announce the date(s) and time of the competition. The winner's of the competitions will appear at our Stargazer's Showcases in October or November. The IBC competition will be in Memphis in January 2019. Stay tuned....

Elegante Blues Night

The next blues night show at Elegante is going to be July 21st with the Soulcasters. On the 28th of July, The King Stan Band will be there. Blues night is a lot of fun. The event starts a 7:00pm, a perfect time to enjoy some of the good food the Elegante has to offer. The room itself is great acoustically and the vibe is awesome. If you haven't made it out yet, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

PPBC and the Elegante are teaming up to provide a fairly constant venue here is the Springs for blues. This is part of our efforts to inject some blues into the vibrant music scene in Colorado Springs.

School of Blues

These are the kids! B^6 (B to the 6th). Our PPCB School of Blues band. They are working hard to impress you with their skills in the blues. Your will be seeing more and more of them at our events and perhaps some events of their own!

If you have a talented youth in your family, we will hold auditions in January for a second School of Blues band.

Planning Ahead:

  • IBC competition in August
  • Quarterly Jam in September
  • Stargazers Showcases in October and November
  • Member Appreciation Dinner and Quarterly Jam in December
  • In the works: Talking to Hotel Elegante about a Blues Crawl in the Hotel (4-5 bands) in November!

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